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जै बर' हारिनि
Lapa Duga Bodo Bwisagu Album Song Download
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01 Awi Lefwr [BodoSongs.Net].mp3
Size: 6.84 MB
Download Hitz: 18678
03 Lapa Duga [BodoSongs.Net].mp3
Size: 6.89 MB
Download Hitz: 17405
04 Beldang MLA Ni Ruanti [BodoSongs.Net].mp3
Size: 5.86 MB
Download Hitz: 15423
05 Habab Bihamjw Gaodang [BodoSongs.Net].mp3
Size: 5.75 MB
Download Hitz: 14322
06 Swr Jakw Nwnglai [BodoSongs.Net].mp3
Size: 6.20 MB
Download Hitz: 10853
07 Gwrbw Mondir [BodoSongs.Net].mp3
Size: 6.34 MB
Download Hitz: 9003
08 Jaharao Swrni Rwisumwi [BodoSongs.Net].mp3
Size: 6.90 MB
Download Hitz: 10890
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IN Tilu Wary
I like bodo song because its my sweet mother language,so every bodo song is my favourite and i m ready to pay value of a bodo song upto a million Rupees"
via Nokia 202
IN william boro
lapa duga music
via Opera Mini 4.4
IN Hijan Narzari
Nwngni megon tainwiya hwlang bai angnw gwsw gwjwn rongjanai rojanaijwng angni megon tainwifrai mwdwi bw goyw beyw dukuni jakw na rongjanai jakw ang mitiso haya mabla mablabo oh jiuni onsuli oh jiu ni onnw rwngwiyaosw jakwna megonni nwjwraousw jakw oh jiuni lwgwri@@ angnw dwngsei metai nangguomwn angha gwreeb janai kai .ang hastayw swr sujugwn nwi be angni gurwi Aroj kou.gwjwnthwng.
via Opera Mini 4.2
IN Mr Bidintha basumatary
I love you..so much..!I respect my self..i don't know..but as it world i only wite you..("M...S...N...) i love you..i love you.
via Opera Mini 4.5
IN I want a new and good bodo bwisagu song from lapa duga album.I hope you will give..may god bless you
My mble numbr.8761885304
via Opera Mini 4.5
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